Person Centered Planning

What Is Person Centered Planning?
Person centered planning is an ongoing individual planning process that is designed to capture your dreams and desires and translate them into a plan of action. Person centered planning is a way to listen and take direction from you and the people who know you best. It focuses on your preferences, strengths and talents rather than your limitations. Person centered planning organizes and uses natural supports like family, friends and acquaintances and formal community supports and services to help you achieve the things that are important to you.
Are There Different Types Of Person Centered Plans?
Yes, there are several different types of tools for person centered planning. Some examples of planning tools include Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH), Making Action Plans (MAPS), Essential Lifestyle Planning (ELP) and Personal Futures Planning (PFP). All the tools share common values and have similar steps. The planning tool you use is not as important as the outcomes of the plan. You can ask your case manager or support broker for more information about the types of planning tools and pick the one that works best for you.
When Should I Do A Person Centered Plan?
Planning for your future can happen when you want it to. It is especially helpful when you are about to make a major life transition, like moving to a new home or finding a new job. Your individual plan will establish a direction you want to go, determine the supports you need to get there and help identify who will support you to reach your dreams.
Who Will Help Me Plan?
Your case manager or support broker can help you to decide who to involve in developing your plan. You may have family members and friends that you would like to ask to plan with you. The number of people you involve in your plan is up to you. Some people begin to develop their plan with just one other person. Others may choose to invite several people to assist them. The people you invite to be part of your plan will become your Circle of Support.
What Is A Circle Of Support?
Circle of SupportA Circle of Support is a group of people who you invite to give you guidance and support and to help you plan for your future. The members of your circle should include people you feel comfortable with, people whose opinions you value and people who can help you make your dreams happen and are willing to take action on your behalf. These people may serve as companions, mentors, or advocates and can connect you to resources in your community. They may share a common interest with you, be willing to teach you a new skill, or have information that will help you reach an important goal. Most Circles of Support meet regularly (monthly or bimonthly) at a comfortable place, like your home, a church, a library, or any other place of your choosing. Talk to your case manager or support broker to assist you to develop and enhance your Circle of Support.

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