Happy Feat


Visit Happy Feat website to read the incredible story of Lucy Miller and how Happy Feat got started. Her program is growing and helping so many teens to adults with different abilities. They now have a day program, events, cheer with JayHawks Heroes, summer camp, prom with Tim Tebow, special needs servers night at local restaurants, and so much more.

Here’s some of the things they have done in 2017/2018:

Happy Carnival     Camp Happy     Broadway in the Park, The Lion King

Cmon get Happy End of Summer Party       Taste of Suwanee      HappyFeat Halloween Bash

Happyfeat Live Nativity          Night to Shine Prom

My son, Corey, and his friends love Lucy, Happy Feat and all those involved.

Contact Lucy and Happy Feat via http://happyfeat.org  “Talk to Us” section.