18-21 Job Training Programs in Gwinnett Public Schools


STRIVE (Supported Training and Rehabilitative Instruction In Vocational Education)

Gwinnett County Public Schools aim to provide students with opportunities and training for a successful future. The school system’s STRIVE program helps students reach their potential and become functional members of the community. STRIVE prepares students, ages 18-21, for involvement within their community by providing on-the-job training.


* Students who have received a Special Education diploma from Gwinnett County Public Schools.

* Recommendation based on a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).


* Students spend their school day on a job site and train in two job sites each year, one on Monday- Wednesday-Friday and another on Tuesday-Thursday.

* The program prepares students to become functional members of their communities, as well as self-reliant, productive citizens.

* STRIVE uses the expertise of certified special education professionals to translate business needs into learning experiences. Instructional staff remain on the job site and have the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help students learn vocational and social skills.

* Many STRIVE graduates have been successful in the work force in a variety of work situations: competitive employment, supported employment, work-activity center employment, sheltered work employment, and as volunteer workers.

* Support services are available including speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and vision or hearing impaired assistance as needed per the IEP.

* The business aspect of this program, along with the commitment and
responsibility assumed by students, parents, teachers and employers makes this program a success.



ADAPT program serves GCPS special needs students ages 18-21 who have completed high school and would benefit from additional services in order to transition to adult life. These students receive job skills training at job sites around Gwinnett County, as well as instruction in community skills, daily living, and recreation.