504 and ADA Accommodation Form

Stop-watch in a hand, isolated on white, clipping path included

One of the accommodations that can be made in the school system is Stop Clock Testing which is on the list below. It was described to me as a way to allow the child to take the necessary breaks during testing even if the break is 1 hour for therapy or stretching or a day or a week long. If this is in the IEP or school plan then when it comes time for the SAT testing it will be more readily available to your child if needed.

504 and ADA Accommodation Form

□ Testing Formats
□ Braille
□ Computer assistance technology, specify program and version
□ Human reader [e.g. read directions 2 additional times]
□ Scribe [e.g. on all written tests]
□ Test interpreter for written language [e.g. rephrase or clarify test questions for non-standard tests]
□ Large print (24 pt. type, or state type size)
□ Sign language
□ Magnification devices
□ Calculators [e.g. calculator with fraction capability]
□ Spelling and grammar devices, specify brand name
□ Graphic organizer
□ Format [e.g. fewer items on page, large print, increased spacing, change location of answers with separate answer sheet]
□ Prompting
□ Word Bank
□ Formula Sheet
□ Proofreading assistance
□ Thesaurus
□ Format-include permission to write directly on test

□ Testing Settings
□ Acoustics (e.g. earphones/headphones)
□ Small room/ study carrel
□ Adaptive furniture, specify
□ Special lighting, specify
□ Small group
□ Room temperature (e.g. students with metabolic disorder)
□ Minimal visual distraction
□ Sign or read entire passage for total meaning (e.g. receptive language or hearing impaired)
□ Passage broken into segments so student can take notes or answer questions
□ Private room

□ Testing Time Accommodations
□ Breaks, specify the duration of break and what interval [e.g. 10 minute break every 40 minutes]
□ Multiple day testing
□ Time and one-half
□ Double Time
□ Stop clock testing (e.g. anxiety, IBS, Tourettes)